Intelligent Video-Advertising For Site Owners

AdBrite, a content ad network, has just soft launched its newest product: InVideo With InVideo the company has created a video player similar to YouTube’s, which users can brand with their own logo and, if wanted, include AdBrite ads. The good thing: you get paid when other people watch your video and even better, you… Continue reading Intelligent Video-Advertising For Site Owners

Best TV-Commercials 2006

The best TV-commercials 2006 have been selected. Apple’s clip “Virus” from the “Get a Mac” campaign is on position 5, Dove’s evolution, which we wrote about, is also included. Check out the great advertisements

Video Download: New “Get A Mac” Ads

Apple has released three new “Get A Mac” commercials that have been curiously making the rounds on Canadian TV and some Apple stores. Here they are for you to watch and download: Get A Mac “Counselor” Get A Mac “Better Results” (guest-starring Gisele Bündchen) Get A Mac “Self Pity” Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen’s involvement had… Continue reading Video Download: New “Get A Mac” Ads

Video: Nike – Robots at Play

Nike is showing off two animated robots exercising popular sports: american football, soccer, baseball. Dynamic movie cuts meet a funky electronic beat. Quite cool! “What’s your game?” Watch Nike Robots at Play Commercial

Video Comparison: Apple Intel-Mac Vs. Postal Service

Apple’s new commercial for the Intel-Macs – like the controversial iPod ad – seems to have used a music video by “The Postal Service” as inspiring example. The video shows very similar pictures and cuts, especially the scene where the woman looks into the man’s eyes. Here is a video comparing the two, side-by-side. On… Continue reading Video Comparison: Apple Intel-Mac Vs. Postal Service

Video: VW Polo Angel

A new tv commercial for the Polo from Volkswagen. All the protection you need. Great ad from DDB London. Watch VW Polo Angel Commercial More Volkswagen (VW) Ads [via adhunt]

Video: Mac+Intel Ad

At Macworld San Francisco 2006, Steve Jobs showed a new television advertisement for the new Intel Macs. Watch Mac+Intel Ad “The Intel chip: for years, its been trapped inside PCs, inside dull little boxes, dutifully performing dull little tasks, when it could have been doing so much more. Starting today, the Intel chip wlll be… Continue reading Video: Mac+Intel Ad

Video: Saturn Bla Bla Free Zone

Saturn, an electronic store chain here in Europe, has released a rather simple-minded but still nationally funny commercial. Basically the message is: “We don’t talk you into bullsh*t but recommend the coolest products for the best price”. Jung von Matt Austria worked with 3D-specialist Soulcage Department to create this animated movie. Watch Saturn Bla Bla… Continue reading Video: Saturn Bla Bla Free Zone