I wanna be a Rock Star! The Rock Star Challenge Game

I Wanna Be A Rock Star is an interactive online game for web-surfers who want to test if they have what it takes to make it in the music business. MRPwebmedia has developed the Rock Star Challenge website as a viral marketing campaign for MassiveRecordProductions.com and gets presented as prototype that can be customized and… Continue reading I wanna be a Rock Star! The Rock Star Challenge Game

Inside Branded Entertainment

Branded Entertainment is a new and innovative style of advertising which perfectly blends marketing and entertainment. The website InsideBrandedEntertainment.com informs you with an innovative, exciting and evolving approach to profiting from Branded Entertainment’s market success. The service is updated throughout the day. Check it out.

Pez Mp3 Player & another fantastic Invention

Pez Mp3 Player Under a recently granted licensing agreement with Pez Candy, a gadget design company Lincoln West Studios will soon begin selling MP3 players modeled after the big-headed plastic treat sleeves. It should be released in early Summer ’05. The gadget will be built around a Samsung chip and will have 512MB capacity, as… Continue reading Pez Mp3 Player & another fantastic Invention

Craigslist Vs Kijiji. The Fight for Classified

eBay has launched classified ad websites in Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. The sites are all branded Kijiji – Swahili for village. They slightly resemble CraigsList sites, in which eBay bought a 25 per cent stake in last August. Apparently eBay says its new service does not compete with Craig’s List, though the… Continue reading Craigslist Vs Kijiji. The Fight for Classified

Sony Launches PSP Site

Today, Sony has launched its new website for the do everything device PSP, created by webdesign agency Zugara. The site highlights the gaming, music, photo and video capabilities. A second site, also developed by Zugara, is a tutorial site with female talking head. Check out the new PSP Website

Amaztype. Visualising Amazon.com’s Data.

Japanese designer Yugo Nakamura has launched Amaztype, an eye-candy flash application to visualise the broad product database of Amazon.com. I created an example showing the word “Brand“. Besides the visual outcome the user can click on a book or CD and then gets more information about it. Creative, Intelligent, Different. Useful?

Mountain Dew launches New Site and Logo

The hot youth brand Mountain Dew launches a new site and sharper-edged logo, appearing to be in constant motion, while retaining the trademark green, red and white coloring. Designed to appeal to young men, the Web site now features a front-page skateboarding game set in a detailed cityscape and more community features.