iThong mini – What’s Next Apple?

The all All-New iMac? iPhone?
Or just a new piece of software for living my iLife properly?

Apple surprised me last Winter when they released iSocks for the owners of iPods. It was too cold for an April fools’ joke and clear to me this must be extremely useful.

So what might Apple be doing for the adult market out there?
For the iMac playing iTunes Junkies who are old enough to buy dessous and spice up their iLife?

“Today we’re introducing a revolutionary
new product for your Wife…. iThongs!”

Right. Picture?

Apple iThong mini – 6 Colors. One Easy Step



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  2. El palo me crece a niveles nunca antes vistos!!! Que? no te gustó mi comentario? me cojo a tu madre y a tu padre… ha! y a tu hermanita y tu hermanito tambien los violo!!!

  3. Uh… does this qualify as a porn site? Am I going to get in trouble at work for looking at this?

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