Wrigley’s Extra Professional Chewing Gum

Companies do all kinds of things to please us ehm, please them and their investors. Time and again they re-brand an old product to release it as a new shiny one shortly after.

For one simple reason: beautifying their financial results.
Not because they’re worried about our sensible teeth.

Do you recall Double Bubble or Bazooka chewing gums?
Stop those, they’re bad.

Wrigley's Extra Professional Chewing Gum


Extra – the gum for professionals. Because amateur chewing is out

Back in the days William Wrigley Jr. was literally fed up to his back teeth. Not only his yearly profit grew less than expected but there has also been a heavy caries development in his mouth going on. He had to do something.

After months of pain in the lower jaw and constant bad breath he wanted to put his shadowy existence in the amateur league to an end. He attented seminars about becoming a professional chewer and was intensively training to aim even higher. Simply be a little bit more professional and less candy.

Wrigley’s secret: Globules in the chewing gum.

Some Professional tooth brushers might know the trick from toothpaste. And now?
You can have those bubbles right in your gum. Great.

“You’ll have a cleaner feel, whiter teeth, a sweeter smile and better mouth flora.”

How brandinfected do we have to be, to actually believe in this?

Either way, this strategy fits today’s consumers well as already a large share is into wellness, beauty-farms and concerned about appearance; thought Mr. Wrigley, The Airwaves, The Orbits, The Winterfreshs too? Either way, they’re all part of Wrigley’s chewing gum collection.

“It’s your breath. Let’s see what you can do with it.”

Gums can be professional? This is just absurd.

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  1. i think wrigles extra chewing gum is great n makin somthink theat will clean ur teeth is cool

  2. sure. wrigleys might be making something to your teeth but the whole advertising concept with the subtitle “professional” makes it a bit ludricous for me.

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  4. Please tell me where I can buy some ALIINE gum. I was told that it is made by Wrigley and is currently being sold in Canada, is there any place it the United States where this gum is sold?

    Thank you,

  5. Hi,
    I’ve never tried the professional gum, but I do love your Wildberry Frost. Recently you changed your package for the wildberry frost, you say that the gum is the same. I have a small problem that I’m a denture wearer, the gum in the new package sticks to my dentures,the gum in the old packaging doesn’t.
    Thank you Bonnie

  6. I do this photo of the day thing on Facebook and this was my commentary re. my pic of this gum:

    Ok, so Katie and I grab a 3-pack of gum last weekend, spearmint sounded good. It wasn’t until we opened up the package that I realized we hadn’t purchased some run of the mill gum. Oh no! We had somehow managed to acquire Extra PROFESSIONAL.

    I was immediately annoyed by this marketing tactic. Are they trying to imply that this is the gum for the professionals of the business world? The package does kinda open up like a little file folder or something but…Were they expecting this kind of conversation around the office?

    Businessman 1 – enters scene and pulls a pack of regular, proletariat chewing gum from his pocket.

    Businessman 2 – “Oh my god…you put that in your mouth? I chew nothing less than Extra Professional! It’s the Cadillac of gums, you know. All the jet setters are chewing it.”

    Businessman 1 – “Once again you have shamed me with your classy confectionary products.”


    Of course the other implication is that this gum is for professional gum chewers. I’m not sure if there even is such a thing but if there is, there shouldn’t be.

    Gum should be a simple pleasure and should never be used as a status symbol or to make others feel like they’re less than someone else. Shame on you Wrigley! I’m taking my chewing elsewhere!

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