I bought some pixels … (Update)

Brand Infection Picture for the Million Quarter Website (6 Blocks)

and because I’m a millionaire I bought a whole 6 blocks, enormous chunks of pixels on the Million Quarter Webpage. Hey, I got 2 blocks for free!

This is how it looks like:
Screenshot: Brand Infection Embedded in Million Quarter Webpage

Maybe you think this is a waste of money but I want to give it a try and find out:

  • how much visitors the picture attracts on the millionquarterwebpage
  • how the link influences google, alexa rank and other search engine rankings
  • how helpful the Alt/Title Tag is
  • in what time these positive changes occur and when they will tail off

The Alexa Traffic Rank curve looks pretty good. If only my stocks would fly that high. But I never really knew what to think of this whole ranking thing anyway. So I guess this is also a test for Alexa.

Alexa Traffic Rank 2005 Million Quarter Webpage

I’ll keep you updated with some thoughts and stats.

Update 22 OCT 2005

56 visitors after the first day. Not bad considering hundreds of images are displayed and still, visitors have chosen the happy kid from Brand Infection. But afterall I’m waiting for more! It’s too early to even talk about a Page and Search Rank improvements.

The cool, social thing is other advertisers have created two ads next to mine which look like ears. So they sort of help me complete my pic by buying their pixel adspace.

Ears for the Happy Kid. Brand Infection on Million Quarter Webpage


  1. Me I bought 600 pixels on the milliondollarhomepage which has sold out recently, the last 1000 pixels are auctionned on ebay !
    I bought the 600 pixels for my own pixelsite at http://www.MonPremierMillion.com it’s in french and it isn’t working as good as the original one, but hey, who cares ? I also bought one icon at milliondollarscreenshot.com because I thought it is a good variation of the original idea.. Yes I know I’ve spent 700$ already, but that’s very rare, I don’t do it often, it is just to show the example : buying pixels is not a stupid thing to do (except if I’m stupid, then it wouldn’t proof anything but the contrary)

    I like it that way, byebye !

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