Coca-Cola Bl?K – Want some more coffe(e)ine?

Coca-Cola Blak

The Coca-Cola Company will be launching Coca-Cola Bl?K early next year and France is first of many key markets. Coca-Cola Bl?K is a new kind of beverage with an invigorating and stimulating blend that has a good balance of the effervescent taste of Coca-Cola and natural flavors, with real coffee.

The lightly carbonated, mid-calorie beverage, which is designed to appeal to adult consumers, is yet another example how The Coca-Cola Company reaches out to new audiences and addresses new beverage occasions.

The launch will be supported by television, print, outdoor and in-store communication. Advertising and creative for Coca-Cola Bl?K will be developed locally and regionally.


  1. Hi, i´ve talk about this some days ago in my blog.

    I really think this product is needed in every student or worker how need to be waked up all night, the mix of coffe with coca-cola or pepsi is soooo common….

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