1. Actually, I don’t think it’s bye bye MS. Microsoft Windows can now be installed and run alongside other OS’s on new Apple units with Intel processors and the necessary software, meaning a new growing market for Microsoft.

  2. There is something about that photo that makes me feel there is more to this story. I don’t dispute Apple’s growing popularity. But a 100 percent market share of ne particular classroom? Somehow, there is more to this story if you ask me.

  3. I just visited Universities with my oldest son … Some of them give every incoming student a laptop. I don’t know about Missouri, but that could be the story.

  4. I work for the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

    As I understand it, at our university, every new student receives a laptop on enrollment.

    3 out of 4 choose Mac over PC.

    Infection indeed.

    And an infection’s not bad when you compare it with the cancer that is Microsoft.

  5. Only a part of the pic is shown here… In the rest of the picture, you can see one person with an ACER laptop 🙂 🙂

    Fight the powa’h 🙂

  6. hey kids. my sister is in this picture. she received a “free” macbook when she enrolled, except that “free” macbook showed up on her fees as part one of a four year installment.

  7. To those of you saying this is good because MS doesn’t have the strangle hold like it used to, all these people are doing is using the lesser of two corporate evils. If you really want freedom from the crap that MS gives you, you have to go with Linux and become an ubergeek.

  8. You are right tarou. Linux is still much too complicated for normal users and once it will be, there will still be the need for marketing it to people. I’m happy with the less corporate evil: Apple

  9. Makes you wonder what they’re all looking at on their screens, doesn’t it? Well I can tell you… FACEBOOK.

  10. I think these guys r nerds, Microsoft is the absolute est OS on the planet and there’s nothing anyone can do about it!!!!!

  11. Litigation and malware driven market, as colleges and students respond to threats from lawyer groups like the BSA (wholly owned and operated by Microsoft!), and the RIAA/MPAA.

    Fact: The RIAA and the MPAA do NOT have built-in back doors for tracking, in Bit Torrent, like they have in Limewire and some other US based fileshare programs! Mac can use Torrent.

    Fact: Apples are immune to the million Microsoft malware/virus/trojan/bot/expoits.

    Fact: Apples hook up to the wifi system with two clicks.

    Fact: An Apple with full pro software ready to go to college, costs ~$950 LESS than a comparable Dell laptop, even considering the ~$650 Dell discounts their nagging trialware!
    (MacWorld magazine, Aug. 2006)

    Fact: Apple is #1 in all surveys of quality, and of customer support. (Consumer Reports, Jul., Aug.,Sept., 2006; Oct 2007).

    Fact: There is one Acer laptop, and one Dell laptop in the audience, running Ubuntu. It is like running Macintosh software on the PC, immune to the million Microsoft virus/trojan/bot/malware/exploits, and the RIAA/MPAA trackers.

    Who can afford to lose their work due to lost ‘saves’ in MS, or, to malware, in Microsoft?

    No thanks, Microsoft! Mac or, if already in possession of a laptop, Ubuntu, or it’s cousin, Mepis, are the good choices!

  12. Old Technician:

    Only clueless and careless users succumb to the issues you point out.

    Fact: The RIAA and MPAA seed countless fake torrents meant to entrap torrent users, and connect to legitimate ones to track users. Windows users can use torrent, too, and the smart ones don’t touch the other forms of P2P.

    Fact: A Windows user with Firefox and a brain is also immune to the “million” non-Microsoft (they didn’t make them) malware/virus/trojan/bot/exploits, as well, meanwhile the vast majority of Macs will fall like a house of cards the moment the first Mac viruses start spreading, since the users don’t bother to protect themselves.

    Fact: Windows also hooks up to wifi systems with two clicks.

    Fact: Biased MacWorld articles don’t mean much to me, not to mention a savvy Windows user can get away without spending ANY extra money on their Dell notebook and WITHOUT resorting to illegal measures.

    Fact: The local Geek Squad, since our Best Buy has begun selling Apple computers, has seen more of them brought in for service than any other brand.

    Fact: Those Acer and Dell notebooks sure cost those Ubuntu users a heck of a lot less money than those Macs, and are running arguably a better OS, so look who the smart users were.

    Any intelligent user turns on auto-save in Office (or the equivalent) and makes Ctrl+S a habit during every pause. My Windows installation is stable, runs smoothly, never crashes, hasn’t been infected by anything in years, and works with far more useful software available on the ‘net than any Mac.

    Windows works if you’ve got at least half a brain. If not, then I guess a Mac is for you, because more than one mouse button and a delete key is too confusing.

  13. Victor is right Macs are useless you cant upgrade them, there isnt much good software for mac (compared to Win or linux), Apple thinks of the computer a as fashion item and so do the people that use them.

    Anyone one with 1/8 of a brain should know that a computer is a tool not a fucking dress.

  14. Mac users are just too overwhelmed by the abundance of choices and the ensuing confusion that a right click button brings to their lives.

    of course i’m kidding. but its true. not really, but no, but yes, but, no… see… macs don’t have right click buttons.

    on a serious note; they choose macs because they are expensive and hold value and look pretty; not because they are super awesome machines. I just recall when I wanted to buy my sis a usb camera so she could skype family overseas. Well, come to find out, most cameras you can buy in a “store”, aren’t supported by macs. Though there is a mac driver (i forget what its called), it wouldn’t work. So, my point is simply this, you get what you pay for and that’s it. No upgrades, no mods, no soup for you, unless you buy a new macbook. If you think that MS is this evil restrictive company, you haven’t really thought about how tied into apple things mac users are. I don’t have to use anything that’s MS. I can pop in all kinds of brands into a pc; but Mac users are stuck using only apple gear for the entire existence of their lappy. Apple is the prime example of anti-competitive behavior. The only reason they aren’t being rimjobbed (no pun intended) by the antitrust division is because they are still relatively small. In short, what I find is that mac users fail to act in their own best interest.

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