1. This commercial is the worst one I have ever seen. Do you want a president that thinks he can “sell” the country like we sell our beer???
    Is that the mentality out there, is everyone 12. Are we here to be entertain so we really lose focus on what’s really happening. People should be reading info on both candidates not just relying on the media
    If Obama is elected because of lazy ignorant uninformed americans god help us all. My ancestors came to this country to get away from socialism & communism ask them what it’s like to let the government dictate to you what you can & can not do. How much of your money you earn you should be allowed to keep to give to someone who does not have the desire to work like our ancestor did to come to this country to have a better way of life, knowing they would have to work hard, but knowing that their hard work would make a better life for their family then the socialism they came from did. So people when your children asked what happen to American if Obama is elected what are you going to tell them, oh I saw this great commercial is was so entertaining I just had to vote for him. The world is full of great speakers, many go into sales, does mean they know what their talking about.

  2. That’s about right. Now to enjoy change in the world of Hussein Alice in Wonderland with the Ace of Spades and smiling Chesterton as our leaders. Whassup!!!!!!

  3. What a snoozer…
    The guy answering the phone may as well have a “L” tatooed on his forehead. Not exactly the guy Obama needs supporting him…

  4. Obama is the man I am voting for, It’s not because of this commericial but because I know he’s going to change the world, unlike the crooks called republicans like Sarah Palin and her Alaskan demons…John McCain is a crook as well, he’s friends with George Bush who did business with Osama Bin Laden before the 9/11 so who pals with terrorist? hmmm

  5. Cute. Puts a new spin on those guys that got so annoying after the first year for Bud. G.W. Bush’s administration is as memorable as Jimmy Carter’s for “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”, regardless of whether it’s actually the administration’s fault. This ad catches that vibe perfectly.

  6. I hear you Janet!! If Barack Barry Jeremiah Ayers Khalid Hussein Soetero Obama gets electeed lord help us all….hes not the “messiah” once these lemmings realize that and quit drinking his Kool Aid the better off all of us will be

    McCain in 08!

  7. Thank you for finally letting the American public see what Carter and Team Clinton have done to the economy. Stupidest commercial I have ever seen. The next one should show B. Hussien Osama and the ever lovely Michele “THE HATER” Osama relaxing at the “WHITE House”. Same commercial only all the actors will be white.

  8. wow, didn’t take long for the right wing whack pack to get hold of this one and start shaking it limb from limb. dolts.

    if this was for your guy, you’d be forwarding around like you were getting paid to.

    hey wait…

  9. You know it is interesting all the comments presented in this blog. I wonder how you feel now that the president is Barak. Are you willing to work together as Americans or is your mentality still of the lynch mob nature back in the old days? PURE IGNORANCE! Have no fear, this man wants to unite america. There is no personal propaganda. Also if you came from a country of socialism and communist then you should understand the meaning behind these two words and understand that Barak’s plan of action does not accomodate either. If you understand politics you would understand that the house and the senate really votes on the direction this country will go in with the creation of new policies and laws. Actually, the state government is the ones truly involved in the policies which affects your way of life. You truly need to do your research. Barak just want to pull all together rather red or blue to combine the idea of patriatism, unity, and the american dream and make it a reality for all no matter religion, race, color, or creed. Now if you cannot support such a dream becoming a reality, maybe you need to question your stance of if you are a true American or not.

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