Microsoft Songsmith’s Horrible Promo Video

Microsoft invested $8 billion in Research & Development last year and this is a good painful example of the outcome: a girl in front of her laptop singing about Microsoft’s new song-making app Songsmith and showing her dad how great it is.

Her Macbook Pro (Duh, the Software only works on Windows PCs!) is hidden behind some floral stickers and when her dad starts singing about “glow in the dark towels”, the promo video sets new highs in absurdity and horror.

The technology might be interesting for novice musicians and for having a couple of minutes of fun but the video is simply horrible, bad, the worst commercial ever. See for yourself and tell me what you think.


  1. Why didn’t they get Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates to sing this drivel. Then at least they could have gotten some viral spin with it.

  2. OMG
    “Microsoft huh, so its pretty easy to use…”
    For that sentence alone someone out there should be fired!
    I feel like my ears have been tortured. -.-

  3. haha! this is the worst commercial I have ever seen. What the hell is Microsoft doing, cmon people… this sucks?

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