Nerdy Macbook Decal Stickers: Pacman, Android, Iron Man, …

I just spotted a cool series of Macbook Decal Stickers. I like “Android eats Apple” and the Pacman version best but the other ones are also nice. Check them out at etsy and if you need a nerdy nerdier Christmas present for your friends, you can order them as well. The decals are made to fit Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook White, Macbook Pro, and iPad1 ipad 2 or everywhere you like to put them. More nerdy stickers after the click.

Check out more decal stickers by Katie Nolan in her etsy shop.


  1. I too like “Android eats Apple” the most. It is a really funny idea. I would buy a sticker like this for my notebook.

  2. From all these, “Apple Juice” is my favorite. It is the product of a very interesting and creative idea. I would love to have a sticker like this one.

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