Samsung Demonstrates Transparent Smart Window

Samsung Smart WindowKorean conglomerate Samsung must be smiling after winning an Innovation Award at 2012 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) for its 46 inch TFT – LCD Smart window. This can get confusing because the prototype is a new concept. The idea is this. It’s sort of a high tech window that you would install in a wall. However, and this is where it gets very interesting, it doubles as a 1336x 768 side lit (presumably capacitance-based) touch screen monitor.

Samsung Smart Window

In effect, a giant touch panel monitor that you can look through at the same time. Of course the first question come into your mind would be, what do people outside see? The answer is nothing since it acts like a two – way mirror.


Perhaps the first question that changes your mind was what you do at night? Samsung’s answer to that is the side-lit illumination (which is adjustable in brightness). Of course since it’s a monitor you wouldn’t put it disappearing behind curtains when the sun is streaming through the window. Well Samsung has thought of that as well. It actually has an electronic version of miniblinds, perfectly adjustable.

For those of us who think Green, Samsung also fulfills that. The prototype gets a power assist through photovoltaic cells so at least part of its energy consumption is supplied by sunlight.

The prototype certainly is deserving of its award for innovation. Less clear is more down to Earth questions such as pricing and availability.

What is clear is Samsung has scored one giant ‘gotcha’ in its battle with another Korean giant, LG.

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