Wunderkit Is Over-Hyped: Men Who Stare At Wooden Walls 2.0

I got an invitation today to try out wunderkit and after 15 minutes of clicking around I have to say it’s so f*cking sad I don’t even know. This is in no way innovative nor easy to use. It’s simply a mixed mess of twitter meets basecamp meets things meets evernote meets wooden walls 2.0. Wow, you can follow people and can get followed back, you can file notes and you can create tasks…super innovative…not.

Wunderkit is the perfect example for creating an absolutely successful hype (they do this extremely well!) around a product early on and promising a new way to organize our lives. Now that it is finally online I am pretty sure lots of people will be disappointed. Personally I feel made fun of with this kind of hype and “all hat and no cattle”. What do you think?

I’m in no way affiliated with them but if you really want to see an innovative, mind-blowing and flexible tool that adapts to your workflow check out podio.


  1. Hello Nadar! It’s in beta right now, some of the things you are missing will be included in the future. Your feedback is valuable to us and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. All the best from 6Wunderkinder HQ.

  2. A shame to hear, do you have an invite for me so I can be as disappointed as you 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to check it out – i hope its not as bad as described – can you give me an invite? Thanks

  4. podio is pretty awesome as you say but can i also have a wunderkit invite to judge for myself? thanks!

  5. Thanks to give us news about your Wunderkit experience, i’m waiting since a long time to try it..if you have access to invite i will love to be disappoint earlier than later!!

  6. Wow, this is curious. You are are talking bad about a service and most comments are for asking you an invitation for that service!

  7. I agree – Podio is fantastic – but wunderkit does look prettier and is available offline. I’m using both to see how they evolve. Podio is better for structured info and wunderkit / wunderlist better for tasks / notes / ideas / never never lists so far

  8. Hi Nader,

    thanks for your opinion on Wunderkit. We are sorry that you seem to hate it so much. Please bear in mind though that we just launched the beta version. When Wunderkit will be out for one and a half years it will be as evolved and matured as the product you advertise. I hope we can change your opinion in the future by working hard on improving it every day.

    1. Hi Sebastian, thanks for your comment. I don’t hate it per se, I just marvel at the difference between the generated hype and the actual product. It will be interesting to see what you come up with and will follow it.

  9. Hi was also totally disappointed with Wunderlist. No integration with email or calendar? No adding bookmarks from online etc.? Totally lame. I’ve been using Springpad instead and find it much better. There are going to be some angry vc’s at Wunderkit when they can’t sell any paid subscriptions…

  10. What happened to the title? I liked this post and wanted to look for it by its characteristic “..is overhyped sh*t” title in Google but couldn’t find anything anymore. Something tamed your opinion? Have an eye on the page slug.

    Wunderlist, Wunderkit, Wunderopinionchanger. It’s fine with me if they’re so committed to public slimebuckettery, but moods should become gloomy if they need to go behind their audience’s back for censorship’s sake.

    1. Hey JJ,

      nothing changed my opinion but my initial aggressiveness diminished a little over time.
      I thought it would be inappropriate to leave “shit” in Google’s archives 🙂 I’m leaving the slug and everything else from the article. My opinion is still strong.

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