1. I’ve seen charts/illustrations like this before, most notably with iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Android users. But I don’t like them. First off, they don’t help anyone, but instead further exaggerate our culture differences within an organization or industry. Second, they don’t illustrate any kind of thesis or point of change. I look at this and I might say “yes, it’s true.”, but so what. I already know what’s true.

    In this case, specifically, it’s poorly done. The use of the donkey 4 times is just plain lazy. And the use of a category-defining image for Accounts, Planning, Creative, and Clients shows some fundamental bias on the part of the person making this. The worst case, is the Creative, who looks like some kind of serial killer. Compared to this, the others look like they were clipped from the LL Bean catalogue.

    So in conclusion, no matter who you are, have a quick laugh, and then throw this away. Instead of forwarding it to everyone in your office, think “maybe I shouldn’t be such a dick to everyone.”

    1. You’re right that it’s poorly done (the infographic by Big Orange Slide is significantly better) though I don’t think illustrations, infographics or designs always need to help somebody or be “important”. I see it a little bit like you except not that drastic: people should have a quick laugh (then go off for weekend)

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