Work Differently. Install A Sandbox In Your Office.

Tired of your normal workspace? Break out of your daily routine, your familiar home office and do it like Massachusetts-based artist Justin Kemp who installed a large sandbox underneath his desk. Even if you cannot work from a beach at least you get that sandy feeling on your feet.

Maybe you need a sandbox to think outside the box.

Found at: 123inspiration

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  1. I love this idea. Studies have shown that putting plants in offices helps productivity, and they proposed all kinds of theories about why. The most technical was something about the green foliage triggering ancient instincts associating plants with food security and therefore allowing us to move up to the next level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I think it’s even more basic than that, so that even something like putting our feet in sand helps: it reminds us we get to relax and enjoy when we’re done! It’s sad how boring and sterile some work environments are.

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