Garlic is Viral, Influence is King

Men are not waiting for a product to increase breast size. Women just laugh about tools to enlarge a penis. You cannot infect anybody with anything but you can surely take the right measures to infect some. Viral marketing works just like epidemics. A virus is spread to people using carriers. But unlike with sicknesses,… Continue reading Garlic is Viral, Influence is King

Floppy = Flop?

I like to travel as I’m always interested in foreign cultures, behaviors and people. As brand infected person it’s even more interesting to see how international brands look like, how they get presented and what kind of brand names companies introduce. Here’s one from Poland, the Flop computer store, which I find kind of amusing.… Continue reading Floppy = Flop?

Gangsta Brands in Hip-Hop Business

Agenda Inc. monitors the mentioning of brands in popular music, tracking all the mentions of brands in the lyrics of the Billboard Top 20 singles chart. Hip-hop songs do most of the plugging. In fact, only one non-hip-hop song in the Top 20, Jessica Simpson’s With You mentioned a brand – Levi Strauss.