Cut The Crap Out Of Business Networks

I‘m tired of all the spam, so-called notifications, I’m receiving to my inbox day by day. I signed into LinkedIn after not using it for a couple of weeks and was overwhelmed with messages from IT recruiters, outsourcing companies, and, let’s not forget, SEO specialists wanting to do business with me. The only positive exception being a… Continue reading Cut The Crap Out Of Business Networks

AT&T iPhone Hell Fakevertisement

Techcrunch’s post on AT&T’s failures inspired a lot of people to voice their anger with the service over its poor network performance, particularly with the iPhone. It also inspired one professional video editor, Pat Lee, to make the following truly awesome AT&T/Apple ad parody. Check out the fakevertisement before Apple and AT&T force YouTube to… Continue reading AT&T iPhone Hell Fakevertisement