20 Creative 404 Error “Not Found” Page Examples

Helpful 404 Page

After countless hours of development everybody is happy when pushing a website or application live. What people usually forget is to a create meaning-, helpful or at least creative “404 Error Not Found” page. This is not something developers often pay attention to but should. Most sites have a banal message like “Not found” and… Continue reading 20 Creative 404 Error “Not Found” Page Examples

Sound Branding: How To Build A Sound Idendity


An effective brand identity is commonly perceived as a good brand name and logo, trendy package design – dimensions which mainly concern visual senses. However, this common perception of branding is incomplete.

Human beings have five senses, so why would brand strategists leave four of them aside? Over the past few years, senses other than sight have been explored by brand experts and marketers. Although the senses of taste and touch are more difficult for brands to reach, some brands like Singapore Airlines and Rolls Royce have already used scent to build brand identity, also known as olfactive branding. A new area of focus is now sound branding, which will be explored in this article.