Video Comparison: Apple Intel-Mac Vs. Postal Service

Video Comparison: Intel-Mac + Postal Service Music Video

Apple’s new commercial for the Intel-Macs – like the controversial iPod ad – seems to have used a music video by “The Postal Service” as inspiring example. The video shows very similar pictures and cuts, especially the scene where the woman looks into the man’s eyes. Here is a video comparing the two, side-by-side. On the left is the apple clip, on the right the music video. By accident? Again?

Watch Intel-Mac + Postal Service comparison video

Update: The similarities are no accident: both videos have been produced by Josh & Xander, reports The Culf of Mac. Postal Service’s label told yesterday the video has not been licensed and they didn’t know about it till Apple’s Intel-Mac release.


  1. oh and thanks for showing this, because I thought i was having an annoying deja vu until i saw this.

  2. What is the accompanying music for the Apple Intel ad? Well known for sure?


  3. Moby – HEAT Soundtrack – 21 – God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters

    Took a while to get it, its easier to download it through the HEAT soundtrack

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