Intelligent Video-Advertising For Site Owners

AdBrite InVideo AdBrite, a content ad network, has just soft launched its newest product: InVideo

With InVideo the company has created a video player similar to YouTube’s, which users can brand with their own logo and, if wanted, include AdBrite ads. The good thing: you get paid when other people watch your video and even better, you also get paid if somebody embeds it on their own site. Additionally, a click leads the watcher to your website. InVideo is still in private beta testing but you can sign up for an invitation on the about page.

Comments from users around the internet are pretty controversial. One argument is that it is now easier than ever to steal a video, push in some AdBrite ads and profit from it. I think it is true, nevertheless it is a great way to embed (your) videos on your website.

Video Teaser about InVideo

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. With an average of over 40% of campaign clicks coming from identical IP addresses, click fraud should be their #1 priority, not launching new products.

    I ran four campaigns in the month of July, 2007. The campaigns together had an average of 40% of the clicks coming from identical IP addresses.

    I spent between $38, and $250 per campaign.

    I had to really dig around to find out why the campaign were really off. In one case, with a test campaign with a daily cap of $25, Adbrite managed to spend my budget at a daily rate of $2,400. In other words, they burned through my budget in 15 minutes. When asked to address the issue, they wouldn’t. When digging further and finding over 50% of those clicks coming from identical IP addresses, I had to prove it to them, they sent the issue to their ‘fraud department.’

    Unless you can track the IP addresses that Adbrite sends you, they won’t admit click fraud.

    If you decide to use Adbrite, which I think you shouldn’t given the many other second and third tier PCC enignes out there, you will need to have access to your server logs, and prepare a report and even then they won’t refund or even a credit on your money. You actually have to get rather clever to get your money refunded.

    Adbrite knows about this problem, and when you complain they will send fraud issues their ‘fraud department’ but good luck ever hearing back from them, unless you escalate the issue.

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