Malibu Rum’s Relaxed Brand Experience

Malibu Rum Austria relaunches its website with a massively enhanced brand experience. We, the Brand Infection team around Nader Cserny, have put the focus on transforming Malibu Rum’s slogan “Seriously easy going” into “Seriously easy web surfing”: a relaxed brand experience with a cozy beach atmosphere (ex. moving ocean waves) and supporting nature sounds. The user can either choose to explore the site by moving left/right on the beach (upper area) or by simply clicking the standard navigation at the bottom. The scenes are based on a 3D engine, so by clicking on specific objects the user zooms in or out of the area (ex. Games, TV-Spots) thus getting a more dynamic feeling.

More information about the relaunch

Malibu Rum Homepage
Screenshot: Malibu Rum Homepage