E-Sports Gamer Advertises for Softdrink

Tom ‘Tsquared’ Taylor, a professional Halo 3 gamer, landed an advertising deal with beverage company Cadbury Schweppes consisting of his photo on 175 million cans of Dr. Pepper. This is somewhat unique as it’s the first time a gamer is featured on the cans and not movies, popstarts or real sport athletes.

Thinking Inside The Box – Wine By Hauswein

Why limit wine, that has so many different tastes to just one boring container, e.g. a bottle? This is what German company hauswein.de thought and decided to trade the bottle for the box. Beautifully designed it suits the product well: emphasis on the content not its packaging, easy to store and hard to break. Now… Continue reading Thinking Inside The Box – Wine By Hauswein

Malibu Rum’s Relaxed Brand Experience

Malibu Rum Austria relaunches its website with a massively enhanced brand experience. We, the Brand Infection team around Nader Cserny, have put the focus on transforming Malibu Rum’s slogan “Seriously easy going” into “Seriously easy web surfing”: a relaxed brand experience with a cozy beach atmosphere (ex. moving ocean waves) and supporting nature sounds. The… Continue reading Malibu Rum’s Relaxed Brand Experience

The Billion Dollar Water. Evian = Naive?

Chris Busch writes: Take Evian ?? origins in the French Alps, mountain aquifer, special bottling process. Feel fresh, young, and beautiful with Evian, the original beauty product. The story tells of the Cachat Springs located in the quaint town of Evian-les-Bains on the southern shore of Lake Geneva in the Haute Savoie region of the… Continue reading The Billion Dollar Water. Evian = Naive?