Italy’s Fastest Police Car: Lamborghini Gallardo

Italian police will be using a special weapon to fight delinquents and traffic offenders: the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4, a car with 560 HP and maximum speed of around 190 MPH. Not to forget the price of $200,000. Is it the world’s fastest police car too?

Lamborghini Police Car Video

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  1. really interesting!
    How much of that represents the Italian culture? We already know that Italians tend be more of an ‘exclusive-unique-exotic’ type of people, so do you think that these characterisics apply to the Lamborghini-police concept as well? did they introduce this police car for practical reasons or are there othe reasons underlying the concept? to be innovators for exmaple and to suggest that their police is as fast as the car..

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