1. It certainly is graphically clean and very soapy refreshing! I’m seeing a bit of pacman here (yummy yummy!) and a little early 80’s Avante Garde or the new Helvetica movie! I am a retired designer and have over 4000 Pepsi Cans – pretty please XXXX where can I get the new promo packs??? Not sure if design direction will work with today’s generation?

  2. “Today‚Äôs target demographic is radically different. The drink is mainly marketed to people in the 12-30 year old demographic group, creating a connection to activities like extreme sports and to the video game culture.” – wikipedia, mtn dew

  3. The new logos are definitely targeting the younger generations.Since the big push on health drinks, soda sales have dropped significantly. This is a shot at reversing the tides so to speak, I myself have offered free soda while out delivering and received the comments “I don’t drink soda”. The Diet Pepsi logo indicates a smirk, Pepsi a smile, Pepsi Max a laugh. Also, the Diet Pepsi Max has had a name change, it is now called Pepsi Max.

  4. …. That’s supposed to be a smile? It kinda looks like it’s supposed to be a ninja wearing an eye patch to me… But a smile… I just can’t see it. Oh well… I don’t like it, regardless of what it looks like or what it’s supposed to be.

  5. I am a new york based graphic designer. Honestly….Almost all graphic designers around me says “This is really ugly Logo”. ( If they do ugly marketing.. this logo could be perfect).

  6. im a designer, and in terms of the target audience, hate it
    sorry mate, it wouldn’t work

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