When You Know You’re A Creative Thinker And Not Into Maths

findxbq2bbThis is an awesome series of advertisements for a design school.

You get the catch immediately when you sucked weren’t so good at mathematics/physics in school. πŸ™‚ Apparently the ideas for the ads appeared on the net some years ago and the advertising agency just grabbed it, but anyway … this is pure fun!

AAA School of Advertising “When you know you’re a creative thinker” Campaign





Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room, South Africa
Creative Directors: Graham Warsop, Michael Blore
Copywriter: Lwazi Mkhize
Art Director: Saki Piliso
Illustrator: Saki Piliso

[via Got Ads?]


  1. For me this is funny advertising but I don’t know if that’s also the case for mathematicians or programmers!?

  2. All of these have been well known on the internet for a long time. So an ad agency stole them and passed them for their own and hoped no one noticed? Very creative thinking on their part.

  3. I agree with @mg. These images are old as the internet. Did the advertising agency obtain the rights to use them for promotion?

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