Interruption Marketing aka Twitter Spam

Twitter Spam Or Interruption MarketingI keep on receiving more and more unsolicited replies from people I don’t even know, and, this happens every day. Next to the popular and over-used tumblr spam this is another big thing: twitter spam. Apparently it also goes by the inflated name Interruption Marketing. Is this the modern “Xanax Spam 2.0”!? I think twitter should create some sort of public reply protection which gets into action when accounts mass-spam people in a short period of time.

Basically these spammers either use Twitter Search or use some paid twitter spammer tools and target specific keywords. Since my update had “affiliate marketing” keywords, they automatically reply me with their spam message and link.

Interesting to note: spam hasn’t gotten much into social networks like Facebook (except maybe for posts on external blogs using their comment system), or, at a little higher rate on LinkedIn but still…nothing compared to twitter, tumblr or blog spam.