Top 15 Brands On Twitter 2011

Hootsuite, the social media management dashboard, released an infographic showing the top 15 trending brands on twitter from 2011. To round out the trendiest topics they also included Topics, Tags and in Memorium Trends. Interesting to note MySpace is still at #7 even though the network is pretty much dead (Nielsen ranks them at #5… Continue reading Top 15 Brands On Twitter 2011

Interruption Marketing aka Twitter Spam

I keep on receiving more and more unsolicited replies from people I don’t even know, and, this happens every day. Next to the popular and over-used tumblr spam this is another big thing: twitter spam. Apparently it also goes by the inflated name Interruption Marketing. Is this the modern “Xanax Spam 2.0”!? I think twitter should create some… Continue reading Interruption Marketing aka Twitter Spam

Twitter’s Redesign Looks Nice

httpv:// Twitter on Thursday introduced a new look for and TweetDeck that it hopes will simplify the user experience. One major difference on the homepage is that tweets appear on the right side and take up less real estate than they used to. What you can see from the video the redesign looks really… Continue reading Twitter’s Redesign Looks Nice

7 Strategies To Increase Targeted Following On Twitter

Twitter Followers

You have heard it said, time and time again, that Twitter is a great marketing tool. The key is to have an interested following, they say. Just how this “targeted following” is developed and cultivated, is something that most Twitter guides neglect to discuss. This is exactly what this article is all about while giving you 7 strategies you should follow.

Seth Godin On Social Networking

Interesting thoughts by Seth Godin on Social Networking. Video after the click. Networking is always important when it’s real and it’s a useless distraction when it’s fake… It’s worthless to have lots and lots of friends on Facebook ’cause they’re not really your friends. They’re just people who didn’t want to offend you by pressing… Continue reading Seth Godin On Social Networking

Five Ways Your Twitter Account Can Boost Marketing


Twitter is one of the few social networking platforms that has exploded in popularity and captured the attention of media and major names alike. Celebrities, CNN News, even the President of the United States have Twitter accounts – and are using them to increase their exposure.

If you’re one of the millions of users who have come on board with this free service, you may be wondering how this mini-update application can boost marketing exposure for a business or special interest project. Imagine being able to immediately reach your clients with breaking news at zero cost.

Most Engaged Brands In Social Media

The social media hype is big with keeping in touch with friends and I’m sure most of you have a facebook or linkedin account, both, or even more accounts. So what do the big brands do for keeping in touch with customers? A new study by analyst Charlene Li of the Altimeter Group ranks the… Continue reading Most Engaged Brands In Social Media