VW’s Hyper-Responsive “Das Auto. Magazine” Launches

Volkswagen just launched its hyper-responsive magazine “Das Auto. Magazine“, a state-of-the-art webmag conveying the emotions of VW’s brand experience. The magazine is multi-language and consists of several articles enriched with interactive HTML5 infographics and big imagery. The assets scale and rearrange from desktops all the way down to mobile devices.

Cold front in Europe “Cooper” Sponsored by Mini

In a clever move by advertising agency Sassenbach for its client Mini, a recent weather low was named after the car “Mini Cooper.” Mini Cooper is one of the latest car models manufactured by Mini Deutschland that coincidentally shares the same name with “Cooper” as a freezing weather condition of Europe.

Google Now Analyzes Ad Placements – Improves Search Ranking Algorithm

Yesterday Google announced a major(!) upgrade to its search ranking algorithm which will drastically change the way designers and more importantly online marketeers will think about their website layouts. In Google’s ongoing effort to help users find more high-quality websites in search results, the company will introduce an improved algorithm. From then on Google will… Continue reading Google Now Analyzes Ad Placements – Improves Search Ranking Algorithm

Interruption Marketing aka Twitter Spam

I keep on receiving more and more unsolicited replies from people I don’t even know, and, this happens every day. Next to the popular and over-used tumblr spam this is another big thing: twitter spam. Apparently it also goes by the inflated name Interruption Marketing. Is this the modern “Xanax Spam 2.0”!? I think twitter should create some… Continue reading Interruption Marketing aka Twitter Spam

Pizza Hut’s Delicious iPhone App – A Huge Success

Just two weeks ago Pizza Hut launched an iPhone application (iTunes link) that has already been downloaded over 100,000 times the company informed TechCrunch. The company dubbed the software as “killer app for your appetite” and it surely is a good example for a company producing a mobile phone application. Aside from the ability to… Continue reading Pizza Hut’s Delicious iPhone App – A Huge Success

Photoshop Adbusting In Berlin

Great Photoshop Adbusting of a boring advertisement which you see everywhere in Berlin, Germany: Britney Spears, Leona Lewis and Christina Aguilera selling their albums. The adbusting was done by the FTW crew (Mr. Tailon, Baveux Prod., Kone & Epoxy) and consists of overlaying the image with stickers from Adobe Photoshop’s interface panels.

Delete 10 Facebook Friends = Get A Free Whopper

Funny viral campaign by Burger King: Delete 10 friends on Facebook with the WhopperSacrifice-App and get a Whopper for free. How many whoppers would Burger King need to make if whole Facebook got deleted? 🙂 [Update] Facebook shut it down due to privacy issues as they say. 233,906 friends were removed by 82,771 people in… Continue reading Delete 10 Facebook Friends = Get A Free Whopper