Red Bull Special Edition: Cranberry (Red), Blueberry (Blue), Lime (Silver)

While staying in Vienna, Austria (I reported about the first and stylish STABILO Store there), I saw the newly released Red Bull special editions in a supermarket and gave them a try. Personally I’m pretty much a Red Bull addict but my girlfriend, who hates the original Red Bull taste (as a lot of others do btw), actually likes the red edition “Cranberry”. Alongside Cranberry (“The Red Edition”) are Lime (“The Silver Edition”) and Blueberry (“The Blue Edition”) flavored Red Bulls.

I know that people either love or hate the original Red Bull so I’m wondering how those special editions perform, especially since Red Bull Cola doesn’t seem to be doing too well. As most of the time with Red Bull products, the company tests them in Austria first and once it works locally they might expand it to other countries. Are the special editions already available in your country and have you tasted them yet? More information on the Red Bull Website.

Red Bull Special Edition
Red Bull Special Edition: The Red Edition, The Blue Edition, The Silver Edition


  1. i was there in December and was told, “you can buy it anywhere”. Sadly, not true. I love, love the Blue. Normally, my husband doesn’t like Red Bull, but finds the Red, White, Blue to be very good.

  2. I received a can of The Red Edition here in the States via a Product Concept Survey back in April/May. Best energy drink I’d had in a decade. I loved it from the start, but it’s still not available here. Will it ever arrive in the US?

  3. Available now at the 7-11 on the corner of Main St. and Chestnut St. in Carnegie, Pennsylvania. I love blueberry, so I’m giving this a shot tonight.

  4. I love energy drinks and really like redbull. However, I just tried the crab and it tasted disgusting. I imagine it slightly better than diarrhea.

  5. Just bought the silver and red editions at my local 7-11, drinking silver now. Tastes great!

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