VW’s Hyper-Responsive “Das Auto. Magazine” Launches

Volkswagen just launched its hyper-responsive magazine “Das Auto. Magazine“, a state-of-the-art webmag conveying the emotions of VW’s brand experience. The magazine is multi-language and consists of several articles enriched with interactive HTML5 infographics and big imagery. The assets scale and rearrange from desktops all the way down to mobile devices.

Depending on the device one can choose to switch between one, two, three and four column views. The editorial process is based on a highly customized Drupal CMS, the worldwide distribution is accomplished with Amazon’s CloudFront.

compuccino, the Berlin-based media agency I co-founded, is responsible for technical development. The overall concept, design, production, accompanying iPad app and print magazine was created by KircherBurkhardt.

VW Das Auto Magazine Frontpage
The hyper-responsive magazine scales and rearranges its elements from desktop all the way down to mobile.
VW Das Auto Magazine Article Page
VW Das Auto Magazine Article Page