VW’s Hyper-Responsive “Das Auto. Magazine” Launches

Volkswagen just launched its hyper-responsive magazine “Das Auto. Magazine“, a state-of-the-art webmag conveying the emotions of VW’s brand experience. The magazine is multi-language and consists of several articles enriched with interactive HTML5 infographics and big imagery. The assets scale and rearrange from desktops all the way down to mobile devices.

What I Got For $50 Bucks Using Fiverr

I have followed the rise of fiverr and its job offers over the last couple of months and remained in some sort of waiting position due to my skepticism. I had never ordered gigs as I wasn’t sure if $5 (or $50 / 10 gigs in this case) would buy me anything great good, and… Continue reading What I Got For $50 Bucks Using Fiverr