How To Write a Business Plan for Your Internet Business

Business Plan Tutorial

Creating a business plan for a new internet business can be tricky. In many cases, the businesses struggle, unprofitably, at first–so it’s important to keep the operation simple–at least in the beginning. However, while Internet businesses often start off slow, they can (thankfully) explode with revenues and profits, which means that suddenly the web-based entrepreneur has all sorts of good problems and puzzles to solve.

Woot Ad on Google Finance: Marketing Stunt!?

Combine Google Finance, the stock market freefall and an advertisement which pops up on a search for “Goog” (Google’s Nasdaq symbol): “Before you jump out of that window, why not spend your last remaining dollars at Woot?” If it’s a great marketing stunt by Woot I wonder what Google Adwords they used. If not that’s… Continue reading Woot Ad on Google Finance: Marketing Stunt!?