Running a Design Business

No matter if you are a freelancer, partner at an agency or autonomously working, you should never forget about the business aspects. This video gets you started with tips and tricks by the likes of Neville Brody and other renowned designers.

How To Reset MySQL Root Password

I recently had to setup a server that was half-assed configured, i.e. MySQL was setup but the guy who did it forgot to write down the password. As you might know, adding a new database, dropping tables, etc. is pretty much impossible when you don’t have the MySQL root password. Here’s a simple tutorial how to… Continue reading How To Reset MySQL Root Password

20 Creative 404 Error “Not Found” Page Examples

Helpful 404 Page

After countless hours of development everybody is happy when pushing a website or application live. What people usually forget is to a create meaning-, helpful or at least creative “404 Error Not Found” page. This is not something developers often pay attention to but should. Most sites have a banal message like “Not found” and… Continue reading 20 Creative 404 Error “Not Found” Page Examples

How To Write a Business Plan for Your Internet Business

Business Plan Tutorial

Creating a business plan for a new internet business can be tricky. In many cases, the businesses struggle, unprofitably, at first–so it’s important to keep the operation simple–at least in the beginning. However, while Internet businesses often start off slow, they can (thankfully) explode with revenues and profits, which means that suddenly the web-based entrepreneur has all sorts of good problems and puzzles to solve.