The Billion Dollar Water. Evian = Naive?

Chris Busch writes:

Take Evian ?? origins in the French Alps, mountain aquifer, special bottling process. Feel fresh, young, and beautiful with Evian, the original beauty product. The story tells of the Cachat Springs located in the quaint town of Evian-les-Bains on the southern shore of Lake Geneva in the Haute Savoie region of the French Alps. Suddenly I’m having a European experience through the bottle of chilled water I just procured at the c-store with the filthy floors. I feel healthier. I’ve redefined cool. It’s not just water, but water from the French Alps. It’s superb water. Beyond all other waters. I feel smarter. I look better. You’ve lifted me out of my mundane, middle-class existence. Thanks, Evian. I love you. I need you.

And for those still not getting the point: It’s just water. Simple but expensive water. You can solve your thirst problem by running into the bathroom, for free. A customer astonishingly buys bottled water because of the way it makes him/her feel, because of the impact the story has on a person’s mood, not because you need the fluid. Don’t like Evian? Try out Volvic.Evian Naive 2


Evian Naive 1

Story by Seth Godin, Pictures by Brandinfection


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  2. wow – fantastic! 😉 very clever with the logo thing 😉 good eye-opener – thanks

  3. what you dont realise is that regular water is full of shit : detergents, insecticides and so on. drink drink free water, we’ll meet in hospital 😉

  4. Evian might be good, but most spring water quality isn’t tested nearly as often as tap water.

    Major bottled water brands (eg Aquafina, Dasani) aren’t even “spring water” but merely filtered tap water.

    And when you know 46 billion dollars are spent on bottled water globally each year, and only 1 billion would suffice to provide clean water to every human being, it puts things back into perspective.

  5. I guess I am one of the “naive”, I am not very fond of Evian, but I LOVE Aquafina, even if it is “filtered tap”. It tastes cleaner than most water I have drank, especially the so very popular arrowhead-(rech). It may seem silly but it even gives me a kick when I twist the Aquafina bottle and it gives off a hiss, ahhhh that vacuum seal.

  6. If I may be so bold to comment on wata.. It is said that “most spring water isn’t tested nearly as often as tap water’. Well I don’t know about other waters but Evian tests it water hundred times a day. It is one of the purest water.

    But I am actually not really a big fan of Evian.. the taste doesn’t attract me’I prefer Spa or Valser Wasser (this one is really good’it is from Switzerland, if you haven’t tried it before I suf=ggest you do)

  7. Apparently, this is a very late entry, but I feel I get more value from my dollar by getting a gallon of drinking or distilled water. Water should only taste like water.

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