1. Nigga, please!
    those of us who are in the know of black culture are suprised and some are offended that an element that is sooo familiar to the culture is being marketed to sale sony’s wares. I was having dinner and almost spit my food out when I heard that squirrel say “squirrel,please”! It is my belief that a line had been crossed in this advertisment, and not was it crossed, sony leaped over it as if their name was Bob Beamon.

  2. Ok to whoever “What!” is, I’m black and I’m gonna tell you it like it is. Nigga please this commercial is not in anyway being racist. The commercial used such words that black people use but get it together black people are not the only people who talk this way now. Get over it. And oh yeah the commercial is great. Hellz yeah

  3. Like I said earlier, I’m black and I see nothing wrong with the commercial. If we can make fun of other cultures, then we should take a dose of our medicine… oh yea… Hellz Yeah!!lol.

    If anyone wants to talk thru AIM about how funny the commercial is.. my s/n is “Nate The Nemesis”

  4. Everyone whose saying these commercials are racist, please, shut up and go live in a hole. These commercials are entertaining reguardless of what they’re saying and everything. Quit being so sensative about a squirrel talking smack and go complain about something worthwhile.

  5. haha this is the funniest one, and for all you ppl who think this is racist your jusrt parinoid assholes who want attention

  6. HAHHAHAHAHHA Dude, you got offended at a commercial!??!!1
    Does your Mangina hurt, too?


    Great commercial by the way.

  7. The recent Sony PSP commercials are the dumbest things I have ever saw!! The PSP was cool until these commercials were put on t.v. The PSP commercials are a mistake.

  8. Anyone who is whinning and moaning about these commercials being racist is a bunch of very lonely depressed people that just want to be heard on the computer because no one else on this planet will listen to there rants “I cant stand these commercials there racist wha wha wha wha”, who ever thinks these commercials are racist needs to seek help quick. Im a black man and there is’nt any part of these ads that seem like there going at anyones culture. And for everyone that has a problem with that I have one thing to say to you. SQUIRL PLEASE YOU PEOPLE ARE LIKE CHEESE YOU CAN LISTEN TO OUTSIDE SO TAKE THIS AND GO WATCH CARPET YA BUNCH OF BABYS.

  9. Hey! i absolutly love this dang commercial! its tha best. It reminds me of my two best friends! This commercial is soooo awesome!!

  10. I agree with you Sara, I think there funny as hell its sad that some people have to pull the race card when it comes to comedy, especially commercials.

  11. This commercial is the funniest thing I have seen on tv for a long time………I don’t see how people think it’s racist…white people talk that way now too….get over yourself already its just a couple of squirrels talkin smack! Geez!

  12. For all ya’ll who think the SONY advertising was racist….Don’t you think blacks have a part in Advertising or Corporate Marketing?….NO WAIT, MY BAD, FIRST THEY HAVE TO GET A JOB ….HELLZ YA!

  13. Regarding comment number 4…….it’s a commercial……blacks offend whites every day as do whites offend blacks every day it’s part of american culture….get over it

  14. these are just commercials.
    yes, they make fun of typical etno-characteristics and of stereotypes … but as long as i’ve been following ads (and i’m doing this since a long time now), they’ve always done that ? and it’s never hurt anybody ?

    cheer up, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy advertisements that bring more than just publicity … namely a good portion of fun 🙂

  15. You guys shutup this commercial is not racist…just because its a joke to laugh at…its not something said to purposly offend those who are easily offended…I’m not black but if I were I would laugh because they are taking a current event and making it funny. Just like Carlos Mencia. He makes fun of his own culture on national television. so stop being little babies and accept the fact that its funny!

  16. All you SUPER CHRISTIANS, thinking its patriotic to stand up for the people you enslaved 100’s of years ago, SHUT THE F**K UP ALREADY!! and all you femenists thinking cuz it says its like Nutz you can play with outside that SONY is advertising sexist remarks go suck a D**K stop being so gay. You have as many rights as men have and there are alot of whores in the world. So complain to them not a FUNNY commercial.
    Hells Yeah.

  17. Hillarious commercial…point blank. Stroke of genuis. Oh and I’m black by the way and Im in no way offended. However, I think it is a bit insensitive to berate people about their racial issues. I just don’t think this commercial touches upon them. Its funny, period. Look at the chappele show, he’s made fun of us(black people) much more than these little squirrels do. Good job SOny and whoever is running your PSP advertising department.

  18. WORD!….Squirrel PLEASSSSE….Yo mamma’s a chipmunk..!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! this is too funny

  19. I know this thread is old, but I was wondering: if the black voices were used for the dustballs in the other PSP commercial (mexican voices are used instead) would that be racist?

  20. I think the commercial was pretty funny myself. I’m a young black male and I didn’t find it offensive or see any reason why someone else would. If this commercial would have really had rodents using the nigga word that would have been a problem. It seems to me that anyone that hears the words “squirrel please” and automatically thinks of a conversation between two black males has taken the commercial to a whole new level. How do we know Sony wasn’t intending these words to be in lieu of the words “bitch please.” I also can remember these squirrels saying hellz yeah. I haven’t heard to many blacks say that. I work in the Air Force with a lot of young white males and they say hellz yeah a lot. Should they be offended as well?

  21. Any black person who says that this commercial isnt racist is an uncle tom, a coon and a sambo. i wouldnt expect whies to understand

  22. Yo on some real shit, i’m not one to be offended quick by a racist joke. But be serious. You know damn well they crossed the line with that shit. Stereotyping black people…using squirrles. “Hellz yeah” “I’d hit that” and worst of all “squirrel please”. We all know its after the term nigga please which is unacceptable to say in a fucking commercial. All of these are black terms i grew up with, so i know. I’m in queens you can’t say shit to me. If your white saying there is nothing wrong with this, i have nothing to say except u have no clue what your saying.Mainly cause its not targeted towards you. simple. If it ain’t you why should you care right? Whether you found it funny or not doesn’t take away from what it is, which is stereotyping terminology that urban black people use past to present…just like that stupid ass boost mobile commercial “where you at”. As far as the baseballs went…they wern’t racist…they were baseballs playing the role of a baseball. As apposed to squirrels playing the role of black people, from the voices to the lingo. Second you can’t compare sketch comedy to a commercial. Chapplle makes a point at the end of his jokes making him a good commedian…what point does this make?? none! Its strange, how all the people that say its funny just tell people who found it racist to get over it as apposed to some proof why its not racist.Sounds familiar don’t it. History repeats itself don’t it….well not that serious. But ya’ll get the point. basically two squirrels talking stupid as fuck in black tones for the sake of poking fun to sell a PSP is crossing the lines niggas.There’s a place for everything ya’ll and a commercial ain’t one of them.

  23. oh no it’s so racicst oh no i think im gonna shave my vagina. Fuck u damn nigs who thinks this racist biatch. this is an awesome niggerish commercial that must be praised for it’s creativity. &we all black on inside biatch! TIme for the rapist to rape some more!

  24. This commercial isn’t racist. It’s targeted to black people, a large portion of the PSP marketplace. A lot of Sony’s market is black. It’s like the way the Genesis was back in the day with the “ATTITUDE IN A SYSTEM” commercials, except the times have changed. Now its not a black guy in high tops and a jump suit playing Sonic the Hedgehog, it’s two (dumb) squirrels pretending to be black guys talking about how they’d hit that. I’m not offended, but then again, seriously, this isn’t really funny. It’s kinda sad that Sony has basically put the cards on the table. “Only black people are buying this system. Lets take that and run with it.” In fact, it’s very sad. This is on of the earliest signs of failure in the video game industry. Depend on sports gamers and blacks, like Sega did, and you’ll fail. It’s been proven. Seriously.

  25. Ok, this is as racist as they get! If you really think this commercial is not racist, you need to:
    A) call your grand parents/great grand parents and ask them if they think its racist
    B) Get a reality check
    C) Punch yourself in the face
    D) stop being so flowery inside and thinking the worlds so great!
    First of all it is a classic sneak attack in the world of marketing. It is one of the worst of all in fact: Target a specific group (blacks) and twist it so that the consumer/potential consumer of the product thinks its funny so they trick you into buying their product! And then they laugh at you on the way to the office for being so stupid while they are driving in their Mercedes! Now if Sony is that Down right evil (keep in mind that this is a JAPANESE COMPANY for crying out loud) to talk about another race that has done nothing to them but, you guessed it, bought their products, then that means they have no respect for their customer base. I dont think its funny to tease or make fun of Blacks and compare them with squirrels. Now if you ask me, Sony has been becoming quite boring in the advertising industry and quite arrogant as an entity in such a crowded electronics industry, but you dont have to make commercials on another culture of people who are an important part of your fanbase and make fun of them or charge the way some with lower education talk! This isnt ancient Rome! You dont have to step on everyone!
    And for all other blacks that think this is not at all racist, then you need to also ask your grandparents if it is racist or not. Im sure your ancestors did not go through 100’s of years of enslavement and, well, wrong doing in general by the white race (French, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Romans, Greeks, etc.) for nothing! Mighty kings being enslaved, taken across the Atlantic and thrown into cotton and tobacco fields to be worked until death by whites. Seriously, people (especially blacks) need to wake up, stop being so flowery inside, and DO something about this commercial. It is racially charged, isnt it? It doesnt matter if it is funny or not, if it is racially charged, then it is racially charged! I sure wont be buying Sony’s products anymore…
    And for the record Sony, 1988 called and said they wanted their joke back, it sure wasnt funny. (quite classic actually)

  26. the commercials suck, racist or not – what in the hell is funny about ethnic slang spoken by animals? If i came up to you and said, Hey man i just saw some squirrels on tv talking about the PSP in niggaspeak, it was sooo funny! you would reply, well thats nice but why don’t you get a life?

    the commercials suck, and they annoy everyone but the retards who post positive feedback here. Get a life, or better yet buy a PSP and STFU about its stupid ads.

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