E-Sports Gamer Advertises for Softdrink

Tom ‘Tsquared’ Taylor, a professional Halo 3 gamer, landed an advertising deal with beverage company Cadbury Schweppes consisting of his photo on 175 million cans of Dr. Pepper. This is somewhat unique as it’s the first time a gamer is featured on the cans and not movies, popstarts or real sport athletes.

New Urban PSP Ad Campaign Launches. Watch it.

After introducing the PSP commercials in early 2005 Sony is back with two new PSP ad campaigns focusing on the PSP-3000 and the other on the big games that are available this holiday season (or coming soon after), including Resistance: Retribution, God of War: Chains of Olympus, Madden NFL ’09 and more favorites.

Sony PSP’s First TV Commercial. Watch it here.

Running through April 17, television viewers across America will see two PSP commercials, each one featuring the song, “Take Me Out” by the rock group, Franz Ferdinand. The first spot will be based around the idea of a world as seen from the perspective of a PSP. Watch it.

Sony Launches PSP Site

Today, Sony has launched its new website for the do everything device PSP, created by webdesign agency Zugara. The site highlights the gaming, music, photo and video capabilities. A second site, also developed by Zugara, is a tutorial site with female talking head. Check out the new PSP Website