Marlboro Adbusting “MAYBE”

This Marlboro campaign is all over the city for a couple of weeks already, and, it is even more absurd if you know the cost. Only cigarette companies can afford prices like that: Berlin costs around $300,000; Munich $210,000; Hamburg $177,000; all five biggest cities for a total of $854,000, per week(!). Here is a great… Continue reading Marlboro Adbusting “MAYBE”

KOOL Cigarettes With Wild Style Packaging

  To lure trendy and fashion-conscious Japanese KOOL cigarettes uses a very cool packaging. The box was developed specifically for distribution through Japan’s Circle K Sunkus convenience store chain and features a snake style design without any warnings like Europe and the USA have to display. “With packaging like this available, it’s no wonder that… Continue reading KOOL Cigarettes With Wild Style Packaging

iMac Chocolate Cigarettes

Found by a boing-boing reader: “On her way back from Day of the Dead in Chiapas, my wife picked up this iMac pack of chocolate cigarettes in the Mexico City airport.” I remember chocolate cigarettes from my childhood and they weren’t very exciting. The chocolate tasted bad, the colors weren’t appealing and nobody actually thought… Continue reading iMac Chocolate Cigarettes