Marlboro Adbusting “MAYBE”

This Marlboro campaign is all over the city for a couple of weeks already, and, it is even more absurd if you know the cost. Only cigarette companies can afford prices like that: Berlin costs around $300,000; Munich $210,000; Hamburg $177,000; all five biggest cities for a total of $854,000, per week(!). Here is a great… Continue reading Marlboro Adbusting “MAYBE”

iMac Chocolate Cigarettes

Found by a boing-boing reader: “On her way back from Day of the Dead in Chiapas, my wife picked up this iMac pack of chocolate cigarettes in the Mexico City airport.” I remember chocolate cigarettes from my childhood and they weren’t very exciting. The chocolate tasted bad, the colors weren’t appealing and nobody actually thought… Continue reading iMac Chocolate Cigarettes