TL;DR: Hi, I’m Nader, a Design-Developer-Product Guy living in Berlin, Germany. I work as Product Manager, Developer Platform.
I love combining business with technology, art and music.

Born 1981 in Vienna, Austria.
From the early age of 12 I had entrepreneurship in my blood and was trying out a lot of ideas to accumulate fame and revenue. While being in school I started to invest in stocks (I bought 9 Pcs. Microsoft shares right before the release of Windows 95, the guy at the bank was laughing at me) so after finishing school I quickly took on a job as customer support agent in order to put all my salary into stocks. During the .COM boom I nearly became a millionaire on paper and thought I was cool, after the .COM crash my investments were worth a lot less and I was back to normal.

While being at the love parade in Berlin, Germany in the early 2000 I decided this is the best city to live in. The initial plan to stay one year quickly turned into over 15 years. I freelanced as web designer, art director, developer for several years until starting Berlin-based media agency compuccino in 2007, selling it in 2014 and going full-time with appstretto in 2016 where I still remain as managing partner.

I dislike smalltalk and rather not speak at conferences much but sometimes there is no other option than stepping up the game and getting your shit together.

When I’m not working I love playing with my daughter and son, reading books and articles on my phone and dreaming up the next opportunity.

I’m passionate when it comes to technology improving our world, big ideas and interesting business (ad)ventures.