Lego Bricks For Adults – Modular System to Transform Your Living Space

EverBlock let’s you use their lego-like bricks to divide your room(s), build permanent or temporary structures or use them as decors and platforms. Continue reading “Lego Bricks For Adults – Modular System to Transform Your Living Space”

Less Is More: Flat Brand Design

Following the recent flat design trend that is happening on the desktop and mobile web this study shows a beautiful, more minimalistic brand design with less bling-bling. The images speak for themselves, take a look.

Continue reading “Less Is More: Flat Brand Design”

Need Stock Images? Save Money And Do-oogle It Yourself!

What if you could get high quality images at absolutely no cost? I have one single recommendation you can immediately use to quickly and easily find the pictures you are looking for. And I am not talking about iStockPhoto, Shutterstock or similar portals. Find out how. Continue reading “Need Stock Images? Save Money And Do-oogle It Yourself!”

Work Differently. Install A Sandbox In Your Office.

Tired of your normal workspace? Break out of your daily routine, your familiar home office and do it like Massachusetts-based artist Justin Kemp who installed a large sandbox underneath his desk. Even if you cannot work from a beach at least you get that sandy feeling on your feet. Continue reading “Work Differently. Install A Sandbox In Your Office.”

VW’s Hyper-Responsive “Das Auto. Magazine” Launches

Volkswagen just launched its hyper-responsive magazine “Das Auto. Magazine“, a state-of-the-art webmag conveying the emotions of VW’s brand experience. The magazine is multi-language and consists of several articles enriched with interactive HTML5 infographics and big imagery. The assets scale and rearrange from desktops all the way down to mobile devices. Continue reading “VW’s Hyper-Responsive “Das Auto. Magazine” Launches”

Drop Shadows All Over The Place

A humorous but true, at least in my perception, representation of one of the current web design trends: drop shadows. Just like 45° lines were all hip in the late 90ies, or, using gradients and massive typography for everything drop shadows are becoming increasingly popular as well. I don’t have anything against drop shadows when they’re not looking generic but nicely integrate in the overall design.

Drop Shadows Design Trend