Living With Less

Over the years I have accumulated so many things I hardly ever use: books (I have the Kindle) I’ll not read again, CDs I don’t listen to (I have Google Play Music), DVDs I am not watching (I have netflix), Playstation (I don’t want to spend my time playing), etc… the list could go on and on. After reading the book Stuffocation and watching videos about tiny homes on YouTube I am ready to take action and reduce all the clutter.

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My Home Is My Office: Getting Real About Working From Home

The ability to work from home is a dream that countless people have. They dream of things like working in their pajamas, not having a boss, and setting their own work hours. Many people achieve this dream, but soon learn the harsh reality. The things they have dreamed of for so long turn out to have numerous disadvantages. It seems that each advantage has a flip side, or a disadvantage, you need to cope with. Continue reading “My Home Is My Office: Getting Real About Working From Home”

Growth Hacking 101: What Is A Growth Hacker?

The term growth hacker is becoming increasingly common in the modern workplace, but many people may not really be aware what this role actually looks like. Growth hackers most commonly work for startup businesses, where a product or service is new, and where the leadership team is looking for explosive growth. For these businesses, traditional marketers may simply not be effective. Traditional marketing relies on an established product, and growth targets are normally more modest. For a growth hacker, the target is always considerable growth over a short period of time. So what does the work of a growth hacker actually involve?

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The Shy Person’s Guide To Successful Marketing

Traditional marketing advice often presumes that its listeners have a high level of self-confidence and a complete lack of self-doubt. However many small business owners and freelancers find that this does not come naturally to them, and they feel utter dread at the prospect of self-promotion.

If the thought of phoning up a stranger and asking for work or explaining to a conference attendee why you are superb at what you do fills you with horror, the following advice is just for you.

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Don’t Waste Your Time. Outsource Tedious Tasks.

I’m sure you feel the same way: time is limited and you have to focus on the things you can do best, or, want to spend your precious time on. In my life-long career I have experienced all kinds of tedious tasks I wish I would have never needed to do. With all the available outsourcing platforms it is easier than ever to outsource those boring duties to somebody else.

Even if you haven’t started outsourcing yet and are still wary whether you should hand out sensitive information, here are simple things you can start with, considering the complexity at hand and the amount of trust you want to put in.

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Need Stock Images? Save Money And Do-oogle It Yourself!

What if you could get high quality images at absolutely no cost? I have one single recommendation you can immediately use to quickly and easily find the pictures you are looking for. And I am not talking about iStockPhoto, Shutterstock or similar portals. Find out how. Continue reading “Need Stock Images? Save Money And Do-oogle It Yourself!”

Cut The Crap Out Of Business Networks

I‘m tired of all the spam, so-called notifications, I’m receiving to my inbox day by day. I signed into LinkedIn after not using it for a couple of weeks and was overwhelmed with messages from IT recruiters, outsourcing companies, and, let’s not forget, SEO specialists wanting to do business with me. The only positive exception being a friend from school I haven’t heard of for ages …

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10 Websites That Boost Your Traffic For Free

At the beginning of a startup’s life there is hardly time for marketing as you are spending most of your day developing and refining your product. But don’t forget that some traction is very helpful for gathering feedback in the early stages of product development. Here are some websites you can submit your startup to and generate traffic, for free.

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5 Simple Tips To Automate Your AWS Cloud And Reduce Cost

Even though AWS provides you with automation tools like CloudFormation, Beanstalk and OpsWorks to run your infrastructure there are still a lot of system maintenance tasks you must do on an ongoing basis: running backups, synchronizing data or up-/downgrading instances according to traffic patterns.

Today I want to show you five easy automation tips you can immediately put into practice that keep your infrastructure fresh and reduce your monthly hosting costs.

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