Amazon Uses Its Frontpage To Diss Apple’s iPad mini

One of’s biggest assets is its frontpage, viewed by millions of people on a daily basis, and, while times are getting rougher and competition tougher, the company uses it to openly criticize Apple’s new iPad.

In an attempt to push kindle fire HD sales, Amazon employs pretty aggressive marketing speech and uses a heavily tweaked side-by-side comparison:

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Why Your McDonald’s Burger Looks Different Than In The Ad

Food styling has to use the actual product as a basis but there is still a bigger process going on from “Actual Burger” to “Advertised Burger”. Bagozzi, director of marketing at McDonald’s Canada took a camera crew along to reveal the difference and show the details food stylists and image specialists go through to create the advertising imagery. I’m loving it…the video.

JVC’s Nightstand Might Finally Replace Your Oldschool Radio Alarm Clock

This newly introduced nightstand might be another cool addition to your ever-growing gadget collectionJVC’s nightstand N-BX3 makes a beautiful nightstand that plays tunes from your iPod or iPhone. It comes in both black and white colours.  With a weight of approximately 20 kg and measurement of 500 x 300 x 110 millimetres, find all the comfort of having a multi-functional iPhone/iPod speaker dock equipped with a FM tuner and SRS StudioSound HD at a price of less than $525. I guess I just found a reason to bid goodbye to my old school radio alarm clock that I have been using to wake up to for more than 10 years.

Smart Bins: When Recycling Goes Digital

Just when you thought that digital screen technology is limited at homes and offices, think again.  Introducing “smart bins,” the newest digital screen network invades the streets of London in time before the Olympics 2012. Smart bins are more than just instalments slapped on the sidewalks.  These futuristic, multi-functional recycling stations come equipped with a couple of massive LCD screens attached to every side, making them interesting for pedestrians as well as advertisers.

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Kodak’s Moment(um) Is Over

Kodak Sales GraphThis sales chart of Kodak says it all. While camera phones and digital photography in general took off and were climbing endlessly, Kodak’s business continually degraded. The company who used to stand for a whole generation of photographers, consumers and artists is dead. Continue reading “Kodak’s Moment(um) Is Over”

Malcom Gladwell Collected: “Intellectual Adventure Stories”

Malcolm Gladwell Box SetI remember sitting on a train from Vienna to Berlin a long time ago and reading “The Tipping Point” for the first time. This book not only introduced me to a lot of new concepts and dramatically increased my knowledge, it was also one of the books I really enjoyed reading. Now, Gladwell’s best-selling pieces are collected together in a beautifully redesigned and repackaged set. Continue reading “Malcom Gladwell Collected: “Intellectual Adventure Stories””

Samsung Demonstrates Transparent Smart Window

Samsung Smart WindowKorean conglomerate Samsung must be smiling after winning an Innovation Award at 2012 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) for its 46 inch TFT – LCD Smart window. This can get confusing because the prototype is a new concept. The idea is this. It’s sort of a high tech window that you would install in a wall. However, and this is where it gets very interesting, it doubles as a 1336x 768 side lit (presumably capacitance-based) touch screen monitor. Continue reading “Samsung Demonstrates Transparent Smart Window”

Belkin WeMo Lets You Control Your Home Appliances With Your Smartphone

Belkin WeMoWhere IBM failed with their Aptiva line of computers back in the late 90’s Belkin hopes to revive this year with the introduction of their new product: WeMo. The WeMo is a wireless accessory that plugs into your walls and allows you to control that outlet from a special application that is set to work on just about any mobile device. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?
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