Quiet And Distraction-Free. When I Forgot My Phone Charger.

I usually begin my mornings with a look on my smartphone. I check for server alerts, what the weather is like, important mails I might have missed and swipe around to snooze my alarms. If the kids are already awake I make the older one a quick breakfast. While she eats I make myself coffee […]

We Just Got Samsunged: Samsung Makes Fun Of Apple Customers, Again

The fight between Samsung and Apple does not only happen in court but also in commercials. After Samsung had acquired an actress from the iPhone advertisements they are now making fun of Apple customers (again).

“I’m On A Horse”: Apple Parody In An Old Spice Way

Following the success of the real Old Spice “I’m on a horse” commercial it was inevitable that somebody would create an Apple-specific parody. It’s a simple formula: just take the shirtless, dripping beefcake of the Old Spice ad, replace it with a doughy nerd in a turtleneck and change the can of Old Spice into […]

What Does SmartMoney Want To Imply With This Headline?

I just read the headline “Tech Stocks slip as Palm and RIM decline” and am wondering what SmartMoney (innovators of the famous “Map of the Market”) wants to imply!? As if “loser brands” such as Palm and RIM would have anything to do with a decline of other tech stocks. For me this looks like […]

AT&T iPhone Hell Fakevertisement

Techcrunch’s post on AT&T’s failures inspired a lot of people to voice their anger with the service over its poor network performance, particularly with the iPhone. It also inspired one professional video editor, Pat Lee, to make the following truly awesome AT&T/Apple ad parody. Check out the fakevertisement before Apple and AT&T force YouTube to […]