A Conference Call In Real Life [Video]

Anybody working in an international environment having had one of those conference calls with delays, access code problems, noisy phone partners and a questionable outcome at the end will find this video hilarious.

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Why Your McDonald’s Burger Looks Different Than In The Ad

Food styling has to use the actual product as a basis but there is still a bigger process going on from “Actual Burger” to “Advertised Burger”. Bagozzi, director of marketing at McDonald’s Canada took a camera crew along to reveal the difference and show the details food stylists and image specialists go through to create the advertising imagery. I’m loving it…the video.

The Dog Strikes Back: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial

It’s amazing how a 2012 Volkswagen Beetle can motivate the dog to get in shape.  Witness the dog’s weight loss transformation from following a strict diet, swimming, lifting weights, and even using an exercise ball.  Watch out for an intergalactic superstar that makes a surprise appearance at the end of the video.

Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks Through the Eyes of a Child

Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks (from my 5-year-old)

Here’s a video rundown of various logos along with an interpretation of a 5-year old. Funny how she thought one logo looks like “little squirms” or worms and tries to associate several logos to colourful balls, marble, baby toys, and “babies are little.”

We Just Got Samsunged: Samsung Makes Fun Of Apple Customers, Again

The fight between Samsung and Apple does not only happen in court but also in commercials. After Samsung had acquired an actress from the iPhone advertisements they are now making fun of Apple customers (again). Continue reading “We Just Got Samsunged: Samsung Makes Fun Of Apple Customers, Again”