Why Your McDonald’s Burger Looks Different Than In The Ad

Food styling has to use the actual product as a basis but there is still a bigger process going on from “Actual Burger” to “Advertised Burger”. Bagozzi, director of marketing at McDonald’s Canada took a camera crew along to reveal the difference and show the details food stylists and image specialists go through to create the advertising imagery. I’m loving it…the video.

Spam Or Ham? BISH Index Analyses (Over-) Monetization Of Websites

Advertising Network Distribution

I know this from my experience with Google’s search results but I am sure you have encountered the same: searching for a specific keyword, clicking on the first result and being confronted with an overly “AdSense optimized” website that was purely created for generating AdSense clicks.

You might have a gut feel the website you’re looking at has information on the topic but you’re not trusting it since everything is plastered with ads, i.e. the information might not be as trustworthy as you expect it to be. But how do you measure analytically if a website is overly monetized (“spam”) or provides a healthy balance (“ham”) between ads and content? Continue reading “Spam Or Ham? BISH Index Analyses (Over-) Monetization Of Websites”

The Dog Strikes Back: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial

It’s amazing how a 2012 Volkswagen Beetle can motivate the dog to get in shape.  Witness the dog’s weight loss transformation from following a strict diet, swimming, lifting weights, and even using an exercise ball.  Watch out for an intergalactic superstar that makes a surprise appearance at the end of the video.

Cold front in Europe “Cooper” Sponsored by Mini

In a clever move by advertising agency Sassenbach for its client Mini, a recent weather low was named after the car “Mini Cooper.” Mini Cooper is one of the latest car models manufactured by Mini Deutschland that coincidentally shares the same name with “Cooper” as a freezing weather condition of Europe. Continue reading “Cold front in Europe “Cooper” Sponsored by Mini”

Marlboro Adbusting “MAYBE”

Marlboro Adbusting MAYBE Berlin
This Marlboro campaign is all over the city for a couple of weeks already, and, it is even more absurd if you know the cost. Only cigarette companies can afford prices like that: Berlin costs around $300,000; Munich $210,000; Hamburg $177,000; all five biggest cities for a total of $854,000, per week(!). Here is a great Adbusting in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Continue reading “Marlboro Adbusting “MAYBE””