Thinking Inside The Box – Wine By Hauswein

Why limit wine, that has so many different tastes to just one boring container, e.g. a bottle? This is what German company thought and decided to trade the bottle for the box. Beautifully designed it suits the product well: emphasis on the content not its packaging, easy to store and hard to break. Now […]

Evian Facial Spray

Evian Facial Spray rehydrates skin suffering from overheated and dry air. It revives your makeup throughout the day, and makes you look fresh by replenishing that much needed moisture.┬áPeople who want others to look at them should order the Evian facial spray. Evian sells a product called “Mineral spray” for around $10. According to make […]

Big Sky Brands

Thanks go out to Luke who sent me some info about the company he’s working for: Big Sky Brands, a candy company based in Toronto, Canada. More about Big Sky Brands in the brand directory.

Adidas Adicolor (like Nike ID but cooler)

Adidas is taking an old school approach to marketing and is re-releasing the Adicolor LO (originally from 1983). The kit includes the original plain white shoes, paints, brushes and a wooden palette. The box will include sealant to keep your painted shoes looking great. Check out the Adicolor website and find out how you can […]