Solar Plant For Your Balcony – simon energy

Awesome! A solar plant for your balcony or terrace that is super simple to install and use as it just feeds the generated electricity into your apartment’s energy network. It saves you money and … looks good too. Check it out at

5 Simple Tips To Automate Your AWS Cloud And Reduce Cost

Even though AWS provides you with automation tools like CloudFormation, Beanstalk and OpsWorks to run your infrastructure there are still a lot of system maintenance tasks you must do on an ongoing basis: running backups, synchronizing data or up-/downgrading instances according to traffic patterns.

Today I want to show you five easy automation tips you can immediately put into practice that keep your infrastructure fresh and reduce your monthly hosting costs.

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3D Printing Is For Nerds Today But A Lucrative Investment For Tomorrow

Do you remember those noisy old dot-matrix printers you used ages ago, either at the office of your dad or at your home if you were lucky? This was early in the days before we got to thermo, inkjet and/or color laser printers. At the same time Microsoft wasn’t as big, burnable CD-ROMs were super expensive, Apple hadn’t thought about the iPod and IBM was still a big consumer PC brand. Printer sizes, computers and technology in general have dramatically evolved since then.
Keeping history in mind let’s think about 3D printing and where it currently stands on the overall timeline. Parts of the story sound familiar to past technological evolutions. I am sure it will be a game changer in the manufacturing process and it could as well be a lucrative investment if your entry is timely and timed right.

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How To Reset MySQL Root Password

Reset MySQL root password
When you have forgotten your password or using a wrong one, this is what you will see

I recently had to setup a server that was half-assed configured, i.e. MySQL was setup but the guy who did it forgot to write down the password. As you might know, adding a new database, dropping tables, etc. is pretty much impossible when you don’t have the MySQL root password. Here’s a simple tutorial how to reset your MySQL root password. Continue reading “How To Reset MySQL Root Password”

Spam Or Ham? BISH Index Analyses (Over-) Monetization Of Websites

Advertising Network Distribution

I know this from my experience with Google’s search results but I am sure you have encountered the same: searching for a specific keyword, clicking on the first result and being confronted with an overly “AdSense optimized” website that was purely created for generating AdSense clicks.

You might have a gut feel the website you’re looking at has information on the topic but you’re not trusting it since everything is plastered with ads, i.e. the information might not be as trustworthy as you expect it to be. But how do you measure analytically if a website is overly monetized (“spam”) or provides a healthy balance (“ham”) between ads and content? Continue reading “Spam Or Ham? BISH Index Analyses (Over-) Monetization Of Websites”

JVC’s Nightstand Might Finally Replace Your Oldschool Radio Alarm Clock

This newly introduced nightstand might be another cool addition to your ever-growing gadget collectionJVC’s nightstand N-BX3 makes a beautiful nightstand that plays tunes from your iPod or iPhone. It comes in both black and white colours.  With a weight of approximately 20 kg and measurement of 500 x 300 x 110 millimetres, find all the comfort of having a multi-functional iPhone/iPod speaker dock equipped with a FM tuner and SRS StudioSound HD at a price of less than $525. I guess I just found a reason to bid goodbye to my old school radio alarm clock that I have been using to wake up to for more than 10 years.

Smart Bins: When Recycling Goes Digital

Just when you thought that digital screen technology is limited at homes and offices, think again.  Introducing “smart bins,” the newest digital screen network invades the streets of London in time before the Olympics 2012. Smart bins are more than just instalments slapped on the sidewalks.  These futuristic, multi-functional recycling stations come equipped with a couple of massive LCD screens attached to every side, making them interesting for pedestrians as well as advertisers.

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Google Now Analyzes Ad Placements – Improves Search Ranking Algorithm

Google - Content Is KingYesterday Google announced a major(!) upgrade to its search ranking algorithm which will drastically change the way designers and more importantly online marketeers will think about their website layouts. In Google’s ongoing effort to help users find more high-quality websites in search results, the company will introduce an improved algorithm. From then on Google will not only analyse content and keywords but also the page layout, more importantly the placements and usage of ads. Continue reading “Google Now Analyzes Ad Placements – Improves Search Ranking Algorithm”

Samsung Demonstrates Transparent Smart Window

Samsung Smart WindowKorean conglomerate Samsung must be smiling after winning an Innovation Award at 2012 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) for its 46 inch TFT – LCD Smart window. This can get confusing because the prototype is a new concept. The idea is this. It’s sort of a high tech window that you would install in a wall. However, and this is where it gets very interesting, it doubles as a 1336x 768 side lit (presumably capacitance-based) touch screen monitor. Continue reading “Samsung Demonstrates Transparent Smart Window”