Cold front in Europe “Cooper” Sponsored by Mini

In a clever move by advertising agency Sassenbach for its client Mini, a recent weather low was named after the car “Mini Cooper.” Mini Cooper is one of the latest car models manufactured by Mini Deutschland that coincidentally shares the same name with “Cooper” as a freezing weather condition of Europe. Continue reading “Cold front in Europe “Cooper” Sponsored by Mini”

Photoshop Adbusting In Berlin

Great Photoshop Adbusting of a boring advertisement which you see everywhere in Berlin, Germany: Britney Spears, Leona Lewis and Christina Aguilera selling their albums. The adbusting was done by the FTW crew (Mr. Tailon, Baveux Prod., Kone & Epoxy) and consists of overlaying the image with stickers from Adobe Photoshop’s interface panels.

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Wifitising: SIXT Guerilla Marketing Idea

Airports usually have loads of car renting firms trying to pitch their offer to the customer. Here’s a great guerilla marketing idea for German company SIXT at the Hamburg airport: setup a couple of wifi stations and give them each a different name. What you’ll get is cheap but effective wifi advertising. I’d call it Wifitising 🙂

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Guerilla Bowling on the Streets

Guerilla Bowling

As of last month, bowling has significantly increased in Ghent, Belgium. The cause: a new guerilla campaign aimed for the area around the “Overpoort Bowl”, a popular bowling alley right in the heart of the student’s neighbourhood.

All kinds of round objects were bonded with three little round black stickers, representing holes. The obvious effect is that all kind of sphere objects were transformed into a bowling ball: bike helmets, watermelons, traffic sings, …

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Ads, Brands & Slogans – presenting the infected STREAMer

Anyone wishing to display ads or brand and slogan information is invited to use my freshly developed script to incorporate the stream of data into your blog. The brands (with or without image), slogans and ads get randomly selected and updated every hour.

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Nivea Visage – Guerilla with colossal straws

The agency TBWA just launched a guerilla marketing campaign for Nivea Visage to demonstrate the creme’s moisturizing effect. Huge straws have been placed in fountains across Austria where young ladies distribute sample packages. The company says it will expand the campaign to countries of Eastern Europe should it prove to be successful.

“Löschen Sie den Durst Ihrer Haut”
(“Satisfy the thirst of your skin”)

Nivea Visage Creme - Löschen Sie den Durst Ihrer Haut.