Growth Hacking 101: What Is A Growth Hacker?

The term growth hacker is becoming increasingly common in the modern workplace, but many people may not really be aware what this role actually looks like. Growth hackers most commonly work for startup businesses, where a product or service is new, and where the leadership team is looking for explosive growth. For these businesses, traditional […]

The Shy Person’s Guide To Successful Marketing

Traditional marketing advice often presumes that its listeners have a high level of self-confidence and a complete lack of self-doubt. However many small business owners and freelancers find that this does not come naturally to them, and they feel utter dread at the prospect of self-promotion. If the thought of phoning up a stranger and […]

10 Websites That Boost Your Traffic For Free

At the beginning of a startup’s life there is hardly time for marketing as you are spending most of your day developing and refining your product. But don’t forget that some traction is very helpful for gathering feedback in the early stages of product development. Here are some websites you can submit your startup to […]

Wunderkit Is Over-Hyped: Men Who Stare At Wooden Walls 2.0

I got an invitation today to try out wunderkit and after 15 minutes of clicking around I have to say it’s so f*cking sad I don’t even know. This is in no way innovative nor easy to use. It’s simply a mixed mess of twitter meets basecamp meets things meets evernote meets wooden walls 2.0. 

Five Ways Your Twitter Account Can Boost Marketing


Twitter is one of the few social networking platforms that has exploded in popularity and captured the attention of media and major names alike. Celebrities, CNN News, even the President of the United States have Twitter accounts – and are using them to increase their exposure.

If you’re one of the millions of users who have come on board with this free service, you may be wondering how this mini-update application can boost marketing exposure for a business or special interest project. Imagine being able to immediately reach your clients with breaking news at zero cost.

Mac Vs. PC Campaign: An Analysis

The cultural differences of both companies are reflected in their current commercials. Who’s getting more momentum out of the campaigns? Apple and Microsoft are constantly throwing adverts at their users not showing cool product features but promoting their company image. While Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign tries to present the mac as progressive and cool, […]