Bing Means Disease In Chinese

Some of you might have heard of Microsoft’s new search engine which was being developed in stealth mode under the name of Kumo. Now that it’s nearly ready to “fight” Google’s dominance Microsoft announced the official name bing and will launch a $100 million marketing campaign to introduce the brand. Too bad, bing means disease […]

Microsoft Songsmith’s Horrible Promo Video

Microsoft invested $8 billion in Research & Development last year and this is a good painful example of the outcome: a girl in front of her laptop singing about Microsoft’s new song-making app Songsmith and showing her dad how great it is. Her Macbook Pro (Duh, the Software only works on Windows PCs!) is hidden […]

Mac Vs. PC Campaign: An Analysis

The cultural differences of both companies are reflected in their current commercials. Who’s getting more momentum out of the campaigns? Apple and Microsoft are constantly throwing adverts at their users not showing cool product features but promoting their company image. While Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign tries to present the mac as progressive and cool, […]

I’m a PC in front of the Apple store

Microsoft parks a “I’m a PC” promotion booth right in front of the Apple store in Birmingham, England. The move is an extension of the Redmond-based software giant’s $300 million advertising campaign aimed at cleaning up the image of its Windows Vista operating system, which has been tarnished at the hands of Apple’s long-running “I’m […]